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A hotel with a soul of home

Sometimes the best part of traveling is coming home. You open your own door and immediately fills you with the warm joy of meeting your loved ones you missed. But what if this cozy feeling can now be experienced at the very beginning of the trip?

Here, at the Rodnya Hotel, we have created a place that will be warm and close to you from the very first meeting. Lively, happy and, at first glance, carefree.

The symbol of the hotel is the cute, disheveled dog Lou. A collective image of a childhood dream and family.

We filled "Kin" with family and created characters that you can meet literally everywhere. Characteristic guardians of the place, who have become the soul of the hotel. In them, everyone can see their cousin uncle or remember their mother.

Rodnya is not only a hotel with perfect service, but also a home away from home.

It is also the first hotel that operates on the All Inclusive system. The price includes meals, drinks and snack bars.