Opening of the new season!

Opening of the new season!: Photo

Beloved by many guests, the Bagatelle Hotel is ready to meet the new season with its arms wide open. We have updated the restaurant and introduced the all inclusive system, we are opening a children's room with animation and a separate playroom for teenagers, a billiard room for adults, the gym will be replenished with new equipment, and the pets friendly service program will be launched.

But the most important thing is the updated concept of the hotel. And the new name is “Kindred”.

It happens that you return home from a trip, you open the door and you understand: “Good! How nice it is to be at home." It is this feeling of comfort and joyful meeting that we want to give to those who come to visit Rodna.

The symbol of the hotel has become a cute disheveled dog Liu (this is abbreviated, but in general she is Love). A collective image of a childhood dream and family. It reflects the emotions we want to give our guests: unconditional love and 100% acceptance.

The new Rodnya Hotel has retained its perfect service and has become a real home away from home, a place where you are always welcome and where you are always truly welcome.